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At St John's we try hard to be welcoming, loving and inclusive.

We know the church is not about bricks and mortar, but people drawn here for all sorts of reasons.

Some are novices to the whole church thing and want to explore whether there is a God.

Some are actively engaged in finding out more about him.

Others, life-long Christians who recognise that we are all apprentices of Christ and never stop learning.

So, you’ll find we are a mixed bunch at St. Johns and all the better for being so!

We recognise that people are at different stages in their Christian journey and know our role is to encourage and support them wherever they are.

We try to give care and opportunity for every age group from nought to ninety (and beyond).

We have a lively Junior Church and Youth group. We have groups for adults who are total beginners and on-going groups for those learning more.

You'll find we have some fun too with a range of social events and a great choir to lift your spirits.

Everything we do is underwritten by prayer to the God we believe loves every human being.

If you like labels you could describe St John's as "middle-of–the-road Anglican with a sacramental bias." But we are not keen on labels as they tend to limit people.

Come and see for yourself – you are very welcome.

The Team