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Spring Harvest Home 


Unfortunately Spring Harvest at Harrogate, Skegness and Minehead have had to be cancelled, but we thought it would be useful to make use the material that head been prepared.

So starting on Easter Monday, there will be a Spring Harvest Home on YouTube from Monday to Friday.

It’s as complete an event as we can put together on the internet – with children’s and all age programme, bible teaching, teaching programme, evening celebrations,  theatre and comedy.

You get Jill Duff, Paul Butler, Sentamu Ebor, and Bishop Pete Broadbent (Bishop of Willesden) thrown in for good measure. To give you an idea of the breadth of what is on offer, the draft programme can be seen here.

This isn’t just for Spring Harvest regulars – it’s our gift to the whole church, and it would be great if you all could make use of it.

The promo video is here:

The YouTube channel is here: ( click on “subscribe”) It’s absolutely free.
Karen Stirrup, 10/04/2020