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Prayer is deeply important to the community of St John's.  Along with the Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion) and the Bible, prayer is the bedrock of our faith. Prayer is "conversation" with God. Like all conversations, sometimes we talk a lot; sometimes we listen. Sometimes, as in all very close relationships, we sit quietly with each other simply enjoying the other's company.

Jesus prayed whenever he had any serious decisions to make, whenever life was really hard and painful and whenever he simply wanted to be with his Father. His disciples (apprentices) asked him to teach them to pray and Jesus gave them the Lord's Prayer.

Prayer is something that you can do on your own at any time and anywhere; or with others; in church, round kitchen tables or out walking. There are no rules to praying except to do it. It is one of the major ways in which our life with God grows.

We try to help people learn about prayer in many ways. We do sermons and talks on prayer, but most importantly we do it in our home groups, before our church council meeting, with individuals who ask for prayer and with each other. Starting to pray can seem difficult if you have never done it before, but there are lots of people at St John's who will help you, so just ask.

Prayer Ministry Team:
The people in the Prayer Ministry Team have been specifically chosen and trained to pray with and for others. They are people who are sensitive, discerning and trustworthy. They know how to keep in confidence. They work in pairs and are available to pray with anyone, about anything during or just after communion at the main 9.30am service on a Sunday.