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Bell Ringers 

The ringing of church bells before the main Sunday service, at weddings, and on other special occasions, is a traditional and important feature of our church activities. Ringing in the English-style, in which bells are turned full-circle to sound in controlled sequences, is unique to this country and a handful of English-based communities overseas. English-style ringing developed in the 17th century and can be described as both a folk art and a science. Not only do our bell ringers perform a service to their church, they become members of a society of enthusiasts who share an absorbing hobby. They can be sure of a welcome at ringing towers throughout the world, and after practice-night ringing there will be an invitation to the ringers’ pub to exchange tales over a pint or two.
Great Stanmore has a fine ring of eight "old-style" bells, the oldest and largest of which – the tenor bell – was cast in 1632 for the old Brick Church and weighs 12 hundredweight. This bell was re-hung on new bearings in 2017 by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and the other seven bells overhauled.  We have a keen band of ringers and would welcome more recruits. While experienced ringers are particularly welcome, there is also room for complete beginners.

Our wonderful bell ringers need new members! 

Training is given in a relaxed and friendly environment.  If you are interested, you are very welcome to come along to our Practice Night on Thursdays (8pm to 9.30pm) or for further information please contact our Tower Master, Shaun Knevett 07547 636368.